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We believe in lifelong learning.  At SoundView, we want our clients to be well informed about the various financial planning subjects relevant to them. We strongly encourage you to attend our Annual Workshop in the early spring and "Need to Know" Seminars in the fall.  If you are unable to make it to the seminars, we have created Webinar versions to view when convenient for you. We are also currently building out our "Helpful Handouts" library. These topical articles are written by our own Financial Life Planners for your enjoyment.   


Investors' Emotional Traps

Estate Planning for the Less Than Wealthy

Reverse Mortgages 

Funding Education

Who Should Attend Meetings with SoundView

Rule #1 of Estate Planning

Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Holders 

Internet Security


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In the fall of 2013, our clients attended our "Need to Know" Seminar to help them understand the details of the Medicare system and the factors we consider when developing a strategy for retiree health benefits. We are pleased to add a presentation of this information in a “webinar” format. The recording linked below is just under 60 minutes in length and provides a useful introduction to Medicare and planning for medical expenses in retirement. Please let us know if you find this helpful!


You can view other "Need to Know" Webinars along with additional SoundView vidoes by visiting our Vimeo profile below. 

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