What Makes Us Effective


With a staff of 9 professionals, we bring over 150 years of experience in financial services.  Our team is diverse, not only in professional experience, but also in personality and perspective.  We share a commitment to serve every client with excellence, and to be accessible for any financial question or issue that arises.  

What can I expect from SoundView Advisors?

  • Commitment to understanding, discussing, and working toward your goals
  • Proactive, systematic, and integrated planning process
  • Real life relevance to your personal strategy through Financial Life Planning
  • Disciplined investment management driven by your personal resources and goals
  • Personal relationships with staff who know you well and care about you
  • Ongoing professional growth and expansion of our gifted team
  • Respect for you as an individual with a unique set of goals, values, and resources
  • Collaboration with other professionals seeking the best outcomes for you, our client

At SoundView, we practice Financial Life Planning: a discipline focused on uncovering, clarifying, and achieving the life goals of our clients. Learn more about Financial Life Planning by clicking "Read More" below.


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Financial Life Planning



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