Cyber-Security Updates

Cyber-Security Updates

Below are two notices regarding recent “phishy” emails. One is NOT a scam, the second IS a scam. Please read on for further information.

Sharefile Email

You may have recently received an email from ShareFile titled, “Citrix ShareFile Password Reset.” There’s been some concern that this email was a scam but after research we’ve determined that it is NOT a scam, although the ShareFile folks could have done a better job at communicating ahead of time. See this article for further information. You may also view a ShareFile system status update here.

To update your ShareFile password now, click here. You’ll enter your email address, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to update your password.

Schwab Bank Email Scam

One email scam to be aware of is communication from We’ve noticed an increase in this phishing email activity.

No one has been hacked, but we want to remind you to be aware. A good rule of thumb regarding phishing emails: if you weren’t expecting the email, don’t click on any links.