Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

By: Kevin Slater

I am not a prolific writer. Writing is hard work and in a world with no shortage of blogs, podcasts, books, broadcasts, and endless other inputs, I am hesitant to add to the noise. Even so, I am reminded by people around me how important it is to share my thoughts. Perhaps it will get easier once I “find my voice” as a writer.

The idea of finding our voice seems to be a challenge for most of us—not only in our writing but in all our communication. It is oddly difficult to put into words our thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a way that engages other people rather than pushes them away. This seems true no matter how successful, well educated, or experienced someone may be.

Yet, when someone embraces the challenge and communicates well, their words encourage and build bridges between people. I certainly have felt the power of someone putting words to my thoughts, and I have experienced someone voicing an opposing position in a manner that reduced the gap between us.

“Finding Your Voice” has become a new theme at SoundView. We are encouraging our team and clients to courageously communicate with us and each other. We hope you hear from more members of our team in various ways throughout the year. Additionally, we are actively requesting your insight. Your voice matters and we want to hear it.

** I highly recommend Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler. I have just started Dare to Lead by Brené Brown and have Radical Candor by Kim Scott on deck. If you have any recommendations, please pass them along!