D-Day, Data Quality, and Portfolio Reporting

kevin slater | CEO


Not all data is good data…and it matters

We recently marked the 75th Anniversary of Operation Overlord better known as D-Day. The courageous acts made by thousands of soldiers on the beaches were enabled by thousands of others managing data quality.

Lest you think I am being dramatic, here are two examples:

Alan Turing, Bill Tutte and British Intelligence developed systems to accurately and quickly decrypt the most sophisticated wireless coded messages sent among the German High Command. Beginning in June 1943, what had been useless bad data became meaningful good data.

The very real General George Patton commanded the fictional 1st US Army Group with fake plans to invade a real location in France. Using a mix of good and bad data, Operation Bodyguard misled the Germans on when and where the actual invasion would take place.

With good data, SoundView can simplify your lives and provide excellent advice, based on high quality analysis. With bad data, we may apply an inappropriate strategy or provide poor counsel; either of which may result in unnecessary financial cost to you.


Maximizing the amount and quality of data we have available is critical. With that goal in mind, we are replacing select software systems beginning with the portfolio data management program used to generate your portfolio reports. The increase and sophistication of investment data sources, investment vehicles, and analytics require a change.

Unfortunately these changes are not as simple as we would hope. In this case, any replacement program will limit the amount of historical data we can confidently use. Even though our operations team is diligently working with an outside firm to prepare a massive amount of data, we doubt we will be able to accurately report performance on portfolios prior to a yet-to-be-determined historical date. We will keep you updated as we move forward in this process.

We need your help. If you notice any errors in our data or reports—no matter how seemingly minor, please point them out. Excellent data is required to provide you outstanding service, advice, financial benefits from investments, tax savings, and all other areas we address.