Hire Education

Nate porter | Chief operating officer


SoundView has hired a few new people over the last couple years—quite a few actually. Heck, although it feels like I’ve been here forever, I myself am just now coming up on my three-year anniversary at SoundView.

(Yes, thank you all, but hold your applause, please!)

Some of you have been wondering: “When someone new gets hired, how do I know they’re trustworthy? How do I know my information is safe?” Obviously, these are good questions. As a wealth management firm, we’ve got visibility on your entire financial world. Seriously. We know more about you than your Grandma … and Grandma knows everything!

Our hiring process.

First, we hire good people…

Before any aptitude testing or background checks, we first determine if the potential employee shares our core values. At SoundView, we treat everyone with respect and kindness, we work for the benefit of others, we’re humble (in case anyone asks, I’m the humblest employee), we pursue excellence, we’re highly teachable, we own our mistakes. If someone isn’t that sort of person, we don’t care if they’re the sharpest tool in the shed, they won’t make it to the second interview.

Our vetting process is rigorous. We check every reference. We’ve called old college professors. We run criminal background checks. We run credit checks. The possible hire signs non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements. We have the candidate run mock meetings, give presentations, take improvised phone calls from clients and prospects, write apology letters, and create financial reports. We’re not only looking for whether this person has ever gotten in trouble; we’re finding out if they can think.

Lastly, every person we hire has made it through multiple interviews; not only with the management, but more importantly, with the current staff. One of the new hire’s final interviews is with the staff member they’ll be replacing. We do this because our relationship and trust with you is paramount. We know our current staff member cares for you, your information, your data security, and most importantly your family. If the employee that knows you isn’t convinced of the merits of this potential hire, neither is the SoundView Leadership Team.

A final note regarding outgoing employees: In my time at SoundView, I’m proud to say that no one has ever left under a cloud. No one has stormed out of the building or been led away by security. Since I’ve been here, we’ve never had anyone even put in their two-week notice! We have not seen hurt feelings, bitterness, or anger from “disgruntled employees”. We’re a close team here at SoundView. We respect each other, know each other, and care for each other – just like we care for our clients. That deep level of trust extends even when someone is ready to move on. I’ve gotten six MONTH notices before! In my time, every outgoing employee has left on good terms, and for good reasons. Even at the end of their time here, SoundView folks conduct themselves with excellence, humility, and in a spirit of collaboration.

Next month, I’ll be writing an article about how SoundView keeps your data safe from potential threats from both inside and outside the firm. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

You can applaud now!