Yes, BUT!


Vicki Simpson | Trading analyst

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Second Quarter Performance Update

My family recently returned from a (hot!) European vacation. We had the opportunity to travel to both Paris and Rome during our trip, two very large cities frequented by people from all around the world. No matter the nationality, you begin hearing the same common travel phrases over and over. How much? Where? Please. Thank you. Excuse me. Water, no bubbles.

Now that I am back in the States and basically trying to re-acclimate to English, I hear all different types of investors using the same two words: Yes, but…

Yes, this good thing is happening, but this bad thing is just around the corner. We succumb to this mentality in many areas of life, but for those with ears tuned to the financial world, we are hearing it constantly. Yes, the economy is still growing, but at a much slower pace. Yes, jobs were added, but earnings may not be so great. Yes, the market is positive for the quarter, but it will likely take a turn, maybe even tomorrow!

Trade wars. Rate cuts. Inflation. Global growth. US growth. Jobs. Earnings.

Let’s focus on the “Yes” for the second quarter performance. Across the board, all areas were positive! Year to date, all markets have rebounded from the dismal fourth quarter of last year. Our team is keeping its ears open to the chatter in the markets, “buts” included. One of our goals is for our clients to be able to focus on the positive, while we manage the potential risks. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team here at SoundView.

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Click on chart to open in separate window.