Strategic planning that’s tailored to fit your needs

SoundView Advisors is a Pacific Northwest wealth management firm that partners with clients to manage their finances and reach their goals. Solid financial planning takes a combination of industry experience, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of personal goals. That’s why we take on a limited number of clients and are committed to providing them with quality ongoing care. Our services are fee-only, which means our client’s best interest is always top priority. And because we’re local, we can help navigate the benefit packages of many Pacific Northwest companies.

Guiding Principles

Our investment approach is built on three guiding principles:


Personalized Strategy

An effective plan starts with thoughtful questions, good information, and a tailored approach. As our client, you will receive a unique plan that reflects your priorities and positions you to reach your goals.



No one should have all their eggs in one basket. Our investment practices use diversity to reduce exposure to any one risk or asset.


Investment Discipline

Steady strategy wins the day. Our planners don’t speculate on the market or overreact to events with short-term impact. We create plans that are based on careful research and decades of data and experience, and then we exercise the discipline to let the strategy work.