Financial Life Planning

Soundview practices financial life planning, an approach that is grounded in the belief that a successful financial plan comes out of a deep understanding of your life plan. Finances are intricately connected to almost every aspect of our lives: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual. It makes sense that your financial plan should take those things into consideration.



It’s about more than money. What is your life situation and your values, priorities, barriers, and goals? Are finances stressful, an afterthought, all-consuming? Do you have relationships that are impacted by money? We want to understand the whole picture, and then we help sort it out.



Savings and retirement planning are just the beginning. Do you need practical help with related issues like life insurance, education, estate planning, and major purchases? Our service goes beyond recommendations. We collaborate with other professionals to simplify the process, remove barriers, and ensure that these important matters are addressed.



You can’t ask for something you don't know about. As your planners, we consider it our responsibility to keep your overall plan and documents on track, identify things that may be missing, and anticipate issues before they arise.