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Wondering if SoundView is a good fit for you?

Every Soundview client is unique, but many share these values:


Our clients appreciate the comprehensive, personal approach of a full-service wealth management firm.

They have full lives with competing demands. They recognize that financial issues should be addressed but tend to put them off. They understand the benefits of a financial partner who helps them stay on track.

Our clients desire professional perspective on their financial life.

They recognize that self-management of their finances may result in missed opportunities. They want to participate in the process but, ideally, can delegate most of the work to a trusted professional.

Our clients want to develop a long-term financial relationship with professionals they can trust.

They realize that a strategic plan, a knowledgeable team, and a personal connection all contribute to long-term success.   

Our clients appreciate the integrity and transparency of a “fee-only” billing structure.

Our planners don’t earn commissions for the investments or products we recommend. This means we always operate with the client’s best interest in mind.

Stellar client service is rooted in human connection. New clients can expect this process:



An effective plan starts with discovery. At this meeting we’ll ask good questions, collect and review relevant documents, and endeavor to understand all aspects of your financial situation, values, priorities, and goals.


Good information requires context. We take what we learn at the discovery meeting, analyze the information, and determine whether your current actions will get you where you want to go. Then we provide data-driven recommendations that reflect your values and priorities and position you to reach your goals.



A comprehensive understanding of your life allows us to recommend an investment strategy that matches your needs and fits into an overall plan. We provide you with a personalized Investment Policy Statement, which serves as a blueprint as we begin investing on your behalf.


Stellar client care is rooted in connection. We’ll meet several times a year to review your progress, investigate potential needs and, if needed, adjust the approach. If something comes up, we’re only a phone call away.